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The Hoofman offer its customers a Freeze Branding Service using cold irons to produce a sharp white identification numbers or letter on a cow. With 5cm & 10cm iron chose suiting the size and age of the animal branded.

We offer once a year visits per bulling or calving systems. Routine visits for units who AI all year round. Whole herd branding, corrective branding, Call in to do small groups of cattle combining visits to other units local. Book visit that correspond with other routines that can be done while branding. We use a designed timing computer system the has been designed for professionals freeze branders with animal counter and timer alert to improve animal flow.

We charge a single fee for up to 4 digits on an animal, mileage and payment is required on the day. The Hoofman also offers a Dairy Cow Mobility Management Service to its customers were the Hoofman manages all aspects of hoof care on a dairy unit…

Cow hoof trimming and freeze branding specialists

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Cows trimmed last 365 days

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