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New internet web site hoof trimming recording program coming soon. Will give customers a better insight into hoof problems,

Starting up as a cattle foot trimmer contractor. Click here"

Refresher Herdsman Hoof Trimming Visit "Click here"

 Hoofman Mobility/Condition scoring tablet program. We mobility score lameness no farm with a 7" tablet on a program designed by hoof trimmers and DairyCo Mobility mentors, to score and identify animals that require treatment for lameness. We have been using the program for 2 years and have seen a benefit to farmer and trimmers as well as now giving a report of lameness for farm assurance and milk buyers. We now sell the tablet and program and have a number of vet practices, farmers and independent contractors that use the system. Mobility Scoring Program

We now offer Freeze Branding irons at 21/2" and now 2" in size. Please request size when booking branding visit.

Two new members to the Hoofman team are Jon Offland who starts the end of August and Conner Whitehead who is out with us now. "click on the blue names to read more."

Trialing out new recording system, it would work the same as we record now with the ability to photo the problem foot so you the customer can see the extent of the problem, Details of the farm, cow ID foot and date are at the top of the photo, . What I would like is your" the customer" thoughts on this method of recording. We also would like our customers to use the free recording app program  Omega replica watches so the customer can update there own records when they trim a cows feet. By uploading it to the Hoofman web site this will give a better history recording of problems and improvements.

 Click on photos and see problems enlarged. These will be images you may see on your report sheet page in the future.


NEW Cattle Foot Trimmers with Wopa 51 Chutes "Wopa 51 Tweets". I have a number of cattle foot trimmers ring with problems so I am setting up a link that you can look at photos and see what we do to improve the cow flow and comfort in our Wopa 51 crushes as well as correcting problems. If you have any suggestions please e mail me with photo and reasons so we can improve the chutes we work with every day and see what is new on models coming from Holland.

The Hoofman has a number of vacancies. Cattle Foot Trimmer, part time Freeze Brander and a part time Locomotion Scorer. Applicants will need a clean driving licence, a number of years experience working with dairy cattle and enjoy being around dairy cattle as well as being able to work in a team.

Cattle Foot trimmer: Experience in foot trimming is not essential. The first 3 months working in the Hoofman team you will work with hoof trimmers gaining experience of claw trimming method, cattle, farmer and herdsman handling and machine safety as well as taking the 4 day course at Embryonics in the Dutch method for cattle foot trimming. This is a vacancy for someone who enjoys working with dairy cows without the milking. Please send your CV to please do not phone. We have taken a foot trimmer on and now looking for another employee to train to brand and trim cows feet.

Locomotion Scorer is a new part of the Hoofman were we offer  Mobility scoring ,condition scoring and lameness location processed on a tablet computer giving information to the Farmer, Vet, Milk Buyer and Hoof Trimmer. This would start as a small numbers of days a month increasing over time.

Alex who most of you know as the main freeze brander at the Hoofman has taken a liking to numbers that from September on a Monday and Tuesday has enrolled on a accountancy course and may be leaving the Hoofman in time to move onto an office chair. 

Coming soon a new video of the Hoofman and the assessment day we have to take every 2 years to keep standards in claw trimming high with an Embryonics vet and a assessor from the NACFT.

Very busy with the Dairy cow claw trimming at the moment as cattle have had a hard winter although down on last years foot trimmings to under 4000 cows trimmed in April. We do think it could be that profits are down on the milking herds so farmers are cutting back on routine trimming yet we have seen a 5% increase in blocks on last year. Finding a lot more problems this year with our spring calving herds with white line with DD  running under the white line. Alex is very busy on the freeze branding so please phone early to get dates that suit you. 

   For any non customers why not trial our Demo report sheets "Left hand side of this page, bottom link" Click on link Demo report sheet, click on any date in light blue "wait a few seconds for that days report sheet to upload. Click on any cow number in light blue to see her history of trimming. We are now updating hoof reports on the internet as we trim and reports can be read on i phones .

Keep an eye on how many cows the Hoofman team trims in 365 days in the green box over the login box on the left of the screen.

Your report sheets are now on  our new internet data base that enables you to look at the history of any cow that has been trimmed and see the history of her ailments in the last 12 months just by high lighting the cow number. View it on your phone or computers. Also easy to read information showing lameness problems on the last visit comparing to the last 12 months and 5 years of visits. I would like any suggestions on information you would like with your reports.



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