I first started hoof trimming in 1997 and left an invoice with details of the days work on the invoice.
In December 1998 I designed a spreadsheet to record hoof ailments and treatments that I would fill in while hoof trimming and leave on the farm when finished. This same sheet is still used today by a large number of hoof trimmers and UK DairyCo. It was simple to view and understand.
Not long after designing the sheet started inputting the recorded data on to a Excel document and posting a coloured report sheet with a customers invoice. I could save the data and use it to build up an inside to on farm problems then discuss on the next visit. This was fine at the time but very time consuming.
In 2001 I started looking into a computer that I could have on my chute where I could record directly onto an excel spreadsheet and soon decided that I needed a program to make it more simple.
Late 2002 I had built a Microsoft 95 version that I could store customers and a simple key board that you taped up to 4 times to score and ailment that worked similar to the spreadsheet we were giving the farmers. Over the next few years we upgraded the program to work better as well as change with the Microsoft XP system.
In 2008 we had the system now was exporting reports to our own Hoofman website where farmers could login with one username and password to view and print their own reports.

By 2013 I had become very aware that the report I made for many of the farmers was just for the purpose of farm assurance visit and was not making a difference to the farms we visited. The people that can make a change don’t get to see my reports, vets and consultants and would take the trimmers advice to the farmer as no substance.
I needed a system that was
 Easy and fast to use on farm when recording as time is money, Light to carry round the chute with long battery lift so no need for cables. Transfer reports quickly on farm so the farmer,herdsman,vet,consultant and nutritionist are notified that there has been a farm visit and a report is on line to view using the farm wifi or my phone data. I wanted to share my recordings with people that can make a change on farm as soon a possible.
 I want to photo graph problems with cow I’d, date and limb watermarked in the photo to shock farmers/herdsmen, to view previous trimmings and treatments, to record welfare consensus for my insurance purposes, to let vets and consultants see the problems I am seeing. A photo can show so much more and history than any written report can.
 I wanted a tablet that would alert me of a cow previously trimmed in the last 3 month or trimmed by someone else using the same system either hoof trimmer from the same company or herdsman
 I wanted a system that a farmer or any of his team can research on line consensus they have regarding hoof health, cows history, total treatments and ailments over a set period, see simple graphs that shock
 I wanted better data protection and the ability to control and monitor who has and when access to the farm reports.
 I wanted a system that was designed for a hoof trimmer but was valuable others that in turn promote and sells my business.
After a number of meeting with different computer software company’s I met Joe form Roundsoftwear who had that forward view on everything and was thinking outside the box and was honest. We started on a mobility scoring app as a trial and then started on a hoof recording system for the Hoofman team. Mid 2015 we got our first Android tablet to use and it was basic but worked.
About the same time another trimmer saw it and wanted to purchase the system and that’s when All4feet was started.
No one recording system suits every hoof trimmers like no one hoof trimming chute suits every hoof trimmer.
All4feet is designed for the future hoof trimming business managing and monitoring hoof health that will be paper free, data rich and safe data storage. For the hoof trimmer that wants to record at speed and share recording and work within a team of consultants. All4feet is a program that will move forward with the industry and technology.

Ultimately the program is being designed for Cattle Hoof Trimming Companies to manage customers herds with the ability process and allocate cows to diary booked trimming visits. The hoof trimmer will have, in the future, the ability to set routine trimming on individual farms to what best suits the farm system i.e. post and pre-calving trims as well as requesting animal rechecks from previous visits. Animal lists will be automatically being mailed 48 hours before the visit. Animals not seen on a visit will be moved to the next visit date and the trimmer only having the ability to take animals off the list. There is the option to have a farmers tablet with the option to record mobility scoring. These tablets are managed by the hoof trimmer as if an employee of the hoof trimmer with the only difference being that the farmer can only view his own details on the tablet otherwise the tablet is identical to the hoof trimmers tablet program.

This is an affordable service that the Hoofman can provide our customers, sharing this information with all farm consultants can only improve the management of the customers’ business and animal welfare. Milk buyers are looking very favourably at this system having external companies managing lameness, is a positive move forward. Ultimately this program has specifically designed for hoof trimmers to record detailed information easily in a short amount of time which in turn increase throughput on farm and reduces paperwork. The All4feet cattle hoof trimmers management system is the first of its kind using the internet to manage a farm mobility and lameness management system that is owned and operated by The Hoofman that are dedicated to animal welfare and mobility.

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