Book your routine freeze branding visit

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Branding line

Book your dairy heifers & cows freeze branding visit. Total heifer branding ready for calving or routine visit when suits your system. Its what best suits the farm system. Freeze branded 17 in this batch today, 42 in the building to the right of the photo and 25 more import’s on the milking unit today.

Regestered Dairy Cattle Mobility Scoring

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Lameness is an important cause of poor welfare and economic loss in the UK dairy industry. There is a need to measure lameness on individual farms to increase awareness and to be able to manage it successfully. There have been many initiatives to improve the mobility of the UK dairy herd but the lack of reliable and consistent scoring has … Read More

Safe place to park

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Jonathan on Monday trimming at Antony Fords decided to park in the Maize clamp as tractors all running round the yard. Parked on the side away from the maize but not just far enough. £1400 of damage

New Hoofman Website 01/12/2017

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Welcome to the NEW Hoofman website, we hope to keep you more informed of what is going on with the Hoofman Ltd. What is happening with the new Mobility Scoring system milk buyers are bringing in. how to make the most out of your hoof reports and purchase your own recording tablet, more info on new blocks we use like … Read More