Cattle foot trimming

We work with the dairy farming industry to provide a fast and effective cattle foot trimming service with the most up to date equipment and highly trained technicians. The Hoofman is based in Shropshire, but can provide cattle foot trimming services through out; Shropshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Mid Wales.

We offer two levels of cattle foot trimming service in that you can decide if you wish to receive visits either:

On a Routine Basis
Ad Hoc

The choice is down to you.

Routine Basis

A routine visit is quite simply where we will visit you every six weeks, or more often if you require. We will issue you with a list of diary dates so that you can plan the months ahead, knowing when we are due on site helps many of our farmers plan ahead and as bookings are automatically taken care of all we do then is send you a text reminder and ask you to confirm the number of cows to be seen. It really couldn’t be any easier.

Ad Hoc

Ad hoc visits will be made at your request, you contact us when you see that a visit is necessary and we will endeavour to book you in at the first available opportunity. So we may see you only a few times a year.

To discuss your herds cattle foot trimming needs ring Charlie on 07824 844621 or alternatively email him via the contact us page.

Whichever route you take we provide detailed cattle foot report sheets which can then be viewed on line and downloaded to your own files or forwarded to those you may work closely with, be it your herdsman, nutritionists, farm assurance scheme or your veterinary team.

The reports clearly set out the cows seen detailing work done, however it must be remembered that our reports do not constitute veterinary advice and the comments made should always be considered together with advice from farmers own veterinary surgeon.

We will aim to get your foot reports online within 24 hours of our visit taking place, wherever possible.

As we all know a lame cow is not a profitable cow as lameness affects fertility and milk yield and in turn affects your profit.