Dairy Co Mobility Mentor

The DairyCo Healthy Feet Programme has been developed to help you the farmer reduce the number of lame cows on your farm by identifying and applying the right management techniques.

Condition Scoring Dairy Cow Video

Lame cows cost time and money and are a problem, not only because of potential welfare issues, but also because, like any ongoing problem, they can affect staff morale.

Lameness is a term which covers many conditions: some are caused by infection and some by physical and management factors. An understanding of which types of lameness are present on your farm, coupled with a structured approach to addressing the underlying causes, will help you to tackle lameness effectively and permanently.

The DairyCo Healthy Feet Programme is a stepwise approach to help you progress towards being able to diagnose the problems, devise an action plan and develop the skills needed for long-term lameness control. Trained mentors (vets or foot trimmers who have attended a specialist course) facilitate the whole process and act as one-to-one advisers or ‘mobility mentors’.