Freeze Branding

The Hoofman offer its customers a freeze branding service using cold irons to produce a sharp white identification numbers or letter on a cow. With 5cm & 10cm iron chose suiting the size and age of the animal branded.
We offer once a year visits per bulling or calving systems. Routine visits for units who AI all year round. Whole herd branding, corrective branding, Call in to do small groups of cattle combining visits to other units local. Book visit that correspond with other routines that can be done while branding.
We use a designed timing computer system the has been designed for professionals freeze branders with animal counter and timer alert to improve animal flow.
We charge a single fee for up to 4 digits on an animal, mileage and payment is required on the day.
and also individual working on smaller numbers. See us branding here:

We offer two sizes of Brands, the common 2.5 ” brand, smaller 2″ brand and a full set of alphabetical letters

How it works:

  • The area to be branded is clipped and cleaned
  • The irons are firmly placed on the animal for a specific period of time-depending on the age of the animal. The freeze branding irons are cooled to the correct temperature. Currently we use dry ice freeze branding which uses frozen carbon dioxide in order to cool our branding irons to a temperature of -78 Celsius
  • The frozen irons then kill the colour pigment in the hair.

The different stages of Freeze Branding

  • 1st Stage

    The brands swells so you can see the number for a few days.

  • 2nd Stage

    The brand numbers will scab over and fall off, this is 3 weeks after branding.

  • 3rd Stage

    White hair will grow round the brand as a white outline

  • 4th Stage

    After 12 months, the whole brand will be white hair.