Hoof Problems

Preventative cow hoof trimming can help reduce hoof problem including; lameness and claw diseases. However, it is of the up most importance that the hoof trimming is performed correctly and by highly trained hoof trimmer, because improperly trimmed hoofs can cause more hoof problems if trimmed by an inexperienced hoof trimmer.

It is also important when discussing foot ailment we are all familiar with the terms

Hoofs should be trimmed at least two to three times a year, especially if the cows are primarily confined to concrete surfaces and on high yielding rations. Please see our Routine Hoof Trimming Recommendations.


Cattle with feet that are unbalanced or are swollen and infected causing lameness. They quickly lose weight from not eating/drinking and milk production drops. Farmers suffer huge losses if their cattle’s hoofs are not properly treated.


Trim hoofs regularly, organise regular visits to prevent lameness and ask your vet to recommend a good hoof trimmer as they would for seen hoof trimming contractors on other farms and the results.

Keep a close eye on your herd and watch out for slight lameness signals or cattle with overgrown hoofs. The sooner hoof problems are identified the sooner they can be resolved.Use a footbath with a 10% solution of copper sulphate for cattle to walk through will help to limit hoof problems. See our foot bathing recommendations.

Limit the chances of injuries to hoofs from small stones and other things by keeping yards and the tracks animals have to use, as neat and clean as possible.

Examine the hoofs and walking behaviour of the herd regularly by mobility scoring and note which foot may be the problem. Then treat hoof problems as soon as possible.

Serious wounds, ulcers, white line and abscesses should be treated by your vet as soon as possible and advice from the vet should be requested on pain killer injections and anti inflamitries.

Bruising in feet should be noted and addressed as this is early signal of problems to come.

If your herd are suffering from any of the hoof problems mentioned please feel free to email me hoofman@hotmail.com or call 07824 844 621 and discuss the options available to help return the herd to good health.