Mobility scoring

Many Dairy farmers will be aware that in 2008 DairyCo launched a new ground-breaking Cattle Locomotion and Mobility Scoring which is set to become the industry standard for measuring cattle mobility and lameness in dairy herds. The cattle mobility scoring method has been developed as a result of research carried out by the industry and DairyCo over the past 18 months and aims to free industry of the confusion between different locomotion scoring methods.

We have all been trained in Mobility Scoring by Owen Atkingson of Lambert, Leonard & May Veterinary Practice . Owen is one of the leading vets on lameness and mobility scoring in the dairy industry today.

We have been approached by a number of farmers asking us to help them complete an “independent” assessment of their cattle mobility and to be able to produce meaningful reports that can be used in conjunction with their cattle foot trimming reports and then making that data available to their milk buyers. Using The Hoofman as an independent assessor will give credibility to the scoring of the herd”.

We have continued to develop our foot trimming programmes and have launched a specific locomotion scoring programme  which is designed to give not only the actual “score” ( zero to 3) for each animal but also to offer a breakdown of any lameness in which limb and condition score of each animal if required

We have also incorporated a “highlighter” system that informs you of animals that need professional attention in foot trimming or veterinary advice ASAP, this will help in saving unnecessary treatment, time and money.

All information that we produce for you in relation to this service will be in a format that can then be passed to you herdsman, Farm Assurance, foot trimmer, vet and your milk buyer to demonstrate the process and action taken. This information will be available to you within 24 hours of a visit from The Hoofman web site data base and can be printed off or saved as a file. All information is strictly confidential.

How do we charge ? We charge on an hourly rate of £50 for the first hour and then £25 after, there may be a mileage charge of £0.45 per mile.

Speak to us now about your requirements to find out how we can help you meet the new Locomotion and Mobility Scoring requirements. Ring Charlie on 077 200 99 2 44 to discuss your individual herd needs, without obligation.