Herd Mobility Management

This type of pricing works well for the large dairy units, low staffed and intensive dairy farms.

We would take over the mobility management of you herd and run it very much like RMS. A visit on a regular basis is put in place, then we take on the responsibility for hoof maintenance with that particular herd. We mobility score the animals on a routine basis for your milk buyer, the benefit to us is to be able to highlight slight lameness and request to see animals.

On taking on a unit we may at first trim the whole herd so as to correct any foot problems, improve mobility and encourage better milk yield. We ask to see animals for check-ups or re-treatment in order to monitor their improvement and advice on any further steps that may have to be taken. We set up with the farmer a routine trimming that all animals are foot trimmed at the optimum time of their lactation.We aim is to work closely with the farmer and his herdsman, attend consultations with his vet and/or nutritionist, and propose new improvements to everyone’s benefital

  • Setup and manage routine hoof trimming of dairy cows structured to the farms tropical working with the herdsman and his team.
  • Set up routine visits suited to the dairy unit managed by an internet operated computer system diary that allocates animals to visit that are regulated to an easy manageable presented numbers of animal per visit.
  • Trimming and treatment of lame cows with recheck as well working with the farm vet, consultants, milk buyer and nutritionists sharing information and data.
  • Mobility score for farm assurance and corrective trimming purposes.
  • Train staff in hoof trimming to deal with lameness that arises between visits as well supply hoof recording software to record any treatments by farm staff for reference
  • Recommend the correct treatments, products that suit the dairy units, equipment that is to the highest quality but inexpensive and advice with no financial benefit to the Hoofman
  • Charge only on a herd head-age bases with payment monthly so easy to budget for.
  • No limit on cows presented to trim, farm visits, no charge for blocks, bandages or treatments 

Following the success on large US dairy units and independent hoof trimmers this is the future of dairy mobility management in the UK with independent professionals responsible for all mobility on a dairy unit that in turn results in all parts of milk production and dairy cow manage on a dairy unit reaching its full potential.

If you would like to know more on how one of these 3 methods would work with you on your farm please phone Charlie on 07824 844621 and we can arrange a meeting to talk over your needs and what suits you and your business.