A Bovine Claw Technicians setting a high standard in cattle hoof
Paul Battes, Long Mountain Vets

The Hoofman is a member of The National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers and is a Cat1 trimmer. A qualtity hoof trimmer for my dairy cattle.
Hampton Estates Manager

We use the treatment powder for Digital Dermatitis and the paste Solar ulcers, white line disease, infections and foul of the foot we bandage Derm paste.
D Holloway, Crewe Green

Cattle locomotion mobility scoring for foot trimming and a improvement plan was the advice from Craig at The Hoofman team. Mike Hollows at Foil Farm Computer program recording sheets for cattle foot trimming, lameness and treatments is the way we find can help our farmers that use Hoofman.
Bill Evans, Welshpool Vet Practice

We use Jeremy for our lameness control in dairy cattle, cows feet need routine trimming.
A Thomas, Welshpool

To find a cattle foot trimmer trained in the Dutch method of cattle hoof trimming with high animal welfare standards. The Hoofman has a team that meets my standards.
Simon Lovet, NRF Farming Ltd

We are very impressed with Charlie’s team as we have only been with him for 6 months, They have turned my lameness problem around with routine trimming. Thank you.
Mick Evans, Little Town Farm

We have been with the Hoofman for 3 years and before then had changed trimmers a number of times due to not been reliable. Very pleased with the foot trimming work done and the standard of the trimmers.
G Jones, Wrexham

The whole team are very well equipped and trained, and the service they provide is second to none.
M Parker, Westside Vets

We have used Charlie and his team on a six weekly routine visit for several years now. This works very well for us in conjunction with other measures we take, in the control and treatment of lameness in our dairy herd.
Tomkinson Farms Ltd, Stafford

The experience of the trimmers mean that if we do have problem they act quickly as they know what works to get those problems sorted, I personally like the WOPA crush as I feel it is a crush that is gently on cows.
Steve Yates, Telford

I am on a 6 week routine with Hoofman I find this very beneficial to my herds health as all the cows a routinely trimmed and this help stop problem before they become a big problem.
Ben Yates, Herd Manager, Wilfred Maddocks Ltd

A regular routine approach to foot inspection has been integrated into the overall care of the dairy herd this makes the ‘Hoofman’ a vital part of the team at Harper Adams University College.
James Todd, Harper Adams University College

The ‘Hoofman’ is a fine example of this approach, they embrace continual professional development to ensure early adoption of new techniques and knowledge and provide detailed records of every animal presented essential for management, benchmarking and assurance requirements.
Mike Roberts, Shrewsbury

As the dairy industry continues to evolve, units such as the one at Harper Adams are specialising and increasing in scale as this happens the approach to dairy herd management is also changing. Herd Managers are adopting more professional practices and they require the same from the services provided by the dairy support sector.
Scott Kirby, Farms Manager, Harper Adams University College

I am very happy to recommend The Hoofman services to any conscientious stock farmer.
R Hares, Whitchurch

The equipment has certainly improved, but the professionalism and cheery nature of all the operators has been a consistent feature. I have been a using The Hoofman services for many years and have seen the company develop over that time.
Paul Dutton, Lower Kempley, Calverhall

The Hoofman have proved also be competent in dealing with our large stock bull! Another benefit is the discount one is gaining when using the Hoofman on a regular basis! Therefore I am happy to recommend the Hoofman to any Dairy Farmer.
RB Hopkins, Shrewsbury

The report sheets and recommendation are professional and very thorough! The trimmers are not rough with the cow which is a great plus for me!
David Burden, Wem

Having been trained in foot trimming myself I soon notice if something is not quite right with a cow’s foot, but to be fair so far I have always been very happy with the results and also like the blocks Charlie uses and have started to use them myself now!
Herd Manager, Chapel House Farm, Grosvenor Farm

The combination of a skilled trimmer and a helper who is recording all the trimming details and helping to speed things up works very well, which means I have time to get on with other jobs.
B Higgins, Shrewsbury

The Hoofman has proved to be a very efficient, friendly team of trimmers using latest technology crushes and the whole operation, even of a large number of cows, runs very smoothly.
Martin Evans, Oswestry

I have always been keen to find someone skilled and well trained to deal with a variety of foot problems and have seen many rough guys using electric prods on cows and even made cows lame by over trimming!
Peter Griffiths, Chester