The Hoofman Digi Cream

The Hoofman Digi Cream is a zinc based cream that carries a fine copper sulphate dust and a number of other ingredients which are used together for the controlling and healing of hoof problems, such as sole ulcer, white lining and digital dermatitis in cattle, and foot rot in sheep.

The original formula for this cream came from Poland and has been widely used by cattle foot trimmers for a period of time in the treatment of cattle.

Recent data seen show that sole ulcer, along with white line disease and digital dermatitis, is one of the three commonest causes of lameness in dairy cattle so we have developed our Kermit Cream to help promote healing and new horn growth when treating sole ulcers and white line.

A ready prepared cream comes in a handy size bucket as this is the most cost efficient way of purchasing the product by cattle foot trimmers and farmers. Contact us to discuss further