The Hoofman Footbath Mix

As a result of the problems that many farmers encounter with digital dermatitis, Hoofman Ltd have spent much time looking at products, which can help mitigate digital dermatitis and as a result, several three years ago we developed our own treatment called “The Hoofman Footbath Mix”.

The Hoofman Footbath Mix is a careful blend of copper sulphate, zinc sulphate and other specially selected surfactants that are know for their anti-bacterial properties.

The Hoofman Footbath Mix can be purchased direct from ourselves, give us a ring or email us for prices.

The mixture comes as a powder in bags of 25kg and for routine use in footbaths for cattle add one 25kg bag to 200 litres of water.

The results of the treatment generally speak for themselves as we not only provide this to local farmers but out to farmers in Bedfordshire, Devon, South Wales, Cumbria and Scotland also 3 Agricultural Colleges. When visiting farmers using The Hoofman Footbath Mix our claw inspection shows a significant reduction of digital dermatitis.